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Udemy Platform Tour

With online learning, it is critically important you understand the tools that are available to assist your learning.
So on this page we are going to give you a tour of the Udemy video player and all of its amazing features!

Both video and text versions available below for your convenience



Text-based Tour:

Udemy is one of the platforms that The BA Guide uses to house and store its courses for all interested students to enroll. This page will provide information about the available features of the Udemy platform and how they can be used to navigate through the lectures and help make the learning experience more student friendly.


A. Video Lecture

Video Player Features Breakdown:

Vid Player Buttons.jpg

1. Play/ Pause: allows to play and pause the video (using the spacebar will also work).
2. Rewind: goes back to certain parts of the video.
3. Playback Rate: adjusts the speed at which the video is playing. This can be customized according to your preferred pace.
4. Fast Forward: allows the video to skip certain parts of the video.
5. Timer: shows the length of the entire video and tracks the running time when the video is played.
6. Bookmark: helps a lot in referencing back to the important point in the lecture and jump directly to it, the next time you play the video.

a. Click on the bookmark button as soon as you reach the part of the timeline that you want to bookmark.
b. As you do so, you may also add notes and additional information that can be useful in the future.
c. A gold marker in the timeline indicates the bookmarked section of the video. A listing of all the bookmarks for a lecture can also be found in the Interactive Section (see: C).

7. Volume Adjustment: raises or lowers the volume of the video.
8. Transcript: this is like a caption but in a list view.

a. Click the button to open up the transcript on the right-hand side. When the video plays, a blue highlight will move along to show where the discussion is at.
b. To close the transcript, simply hit the X button.

9. Closed Caption: helps non-english speakers and anyone who, at a given time, prefers to read the caption than to listen to the audio.

a. To show the text right on the screen, turn the closed caption feature ON.
b. Select the language you are most comfortable in. English is the default.

10. Video Settings: by clicking the gear icon-

a. you can manually adjust your video quality output according to the internet speed/connection you are at;
b. or turn ON/OFF autoplay of the next lecture;
c. or download the video into your local device.

11. Full Screen: adjusts the size of the video player to fill your entire monitor screen.
12. Expand: adjusts the size of the video player to fill the space occupied by the curriculum (see: B).

B. Curriculum

- This is where the listing of all lectures that makeup the overall course are found. Naturally, the course walks through one lecture to the next, but you can use this section to understand what’s coming up next, how long it’s going to take- it gives you an idea how many minutes that video is so you can determine if you have enough time to go through it.


1. The courses are broken down into sections. The time it takes to finish one section are indicated.
2. Each of the sections has one to many lectures that you go through and you complete. The time it takes to finish a lecture will also be provided.

a. Click on the up/down arrows to show/hide the list of lectures for each section.

3. The check mark next to the lecture denote that you have already completed that.
4. These little folders called resources contain all the downloadable resources available for you in that lecture.

a. To download, simply click on the resources button and select the file(s) you want to download into your local device.

C. Interactive

- This is where students get to know the Overview of the Course, send in questions, find bookmarked parts of the lecture, and read the announcements from The BA GUDE team.

  1. Overview- The default tab. This is where all the information and description of the course are provided.


2. Q&A- Probably the most helpful tab. This is where students can ask questions to Jeremy and/or search for questions that students have asked and Jeremy had already answered. If your question has not been asked yet, you may post it on this tab and receive an email notification as soon as it has been responded. Response time is usually within 24-48 hours.


TIP: The default view is for the current course but you can change that to ALL courses if your question addresses to all the courses offered by The BA Guide.

3. Bookmark- This tab shows a list of the bookmarked sections of the video. Click on the link and it will take you directly to the part of the video so that you are able to go back and reference that bookmarked material.


4. Announcements- This is where announcements would go for a particular course. If a new material is sent out, it should be indicated here.


Happy learning!