The Many Features of Udemy



Introduction to the Key Features of Udemy

A quick introduction to the Key Features of Udemy.



Controlling Video Quality in Udemy

To ensure a quality picture and no video stutter, here we will teach you how to control the video quality within Udemy's video player.


Adjusting the Video Playback Speed in Udemy

Think I'm talking too fast? Think I'm talking too slow? We've got you covered.

Come learn about the video speed controls you have access to in the Udemy video player.


Accessing DownloadABLE Resources in the Udemy Platform

Many lectures within our courses give you downloadable resources. This video will show you have to access them.


Downloading Lectures in Udemy

Here we show you step-by-step how you can download the course lectures so you can take your learning experience on the go.


Utilizing Udemy's Q&A Feature

Learn how to access and utilize Udemy's question and answer board. Search for previously answered questions or ask your own.


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