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 With online learning, it is critically important you understand the tools that are available to assist your learning.
So on this page we are going to give you a tour of The BA Guide video player and all of its amazing features!

Both video and text versions available below for your convenience




The BA Guide eLearning Platform is one of the two platforms that The BA Guide uses to house and store its courses for all interested students to enroll. This page provides information about the available features of the The BA Guide eLearning Platform and how they can be used to navigate through the lectures and help make the learning experience more student-friendly.




A. Settings

The cogwheel at the top navigation bar is the general settings of the lecture. Clicking it will open up the following options:


a. Autoplay: when turned ON, this will automatically start the video in the lecture.

b. Autocomplete: when turned ON, as soon as the very last part of the lecture is reached, this will automatically mark the lecture as complete and move on to the next lecture in the course. (By default, this is turned OFF, to allow you some time to download or review the resources in the interactive session- see E. To go to the next lecture, simply click Complete and Continue- see B).

c. Player: lets you choose between an HTML5 and flash player.

d. Speed: allows adjustments to video speed according to your pace or preference. This setting can also be found in the video player- see C.


B. Previous Lecture/ Complete and ContinuE

Allows you to toggle between consecutive lectures.


C. Video

The main attraction. This is what takes up the majority of the screen


a. Play/ Pause: allows to play and pause the video (using the spacebar will also work).

b. Timeline: shows the running time of the played video

c. Volume Adjustment: raises or lowers the volume of the video

d. Settings: allows you to adjust speed and quality of the video


*Speed: allows adjustments to video speed according to your pace or preference.

*Quality: adjusts video quality to suit your internet speeds and preference

e. Full Screen: adjusts the size of the video player to fill your entire monitor screen. TIP: pressing F on the keyboard will also work.


D. Course Curriculum

This the full list of lectures that make up the course. This area of the platform gives you an idea of where you are at overall. If you’re coming back to the course and referencing something specific, you are able to scroll through the various lectures and go to that lecture in which you want to reference. Click on any of the lectures would automatically pull up the details for that lecture, watch the video, or download any of the resources.


a. Percentage: Shows progress made on the course. This, being visible, motivates you to keep going forward and complete the course. As you complete various lectures, it will automatically update the percent complete.

b. Sections: Each of the courses are divided into sections. They are denoted by the bold text and the gray headers.

c. Lectures: Each section contains one to many lectures.

d. Empty circle: This signifies that the lectures has not completed yet.

e. Half Moon and Blue Highlight: This shows the lecture that you currently on or currently in progress.

f. Checkmark and Greyed Out Lectures: These signifies that the lecture has already been taken and completed.


E. Interactive

This section is what you find directly below the video. This is where we will give you downloadable resources, find any additional videos, activities, or links to enhance your learning.

a. Download: This allows you to download that video, take it offline, or use it locally for your reference.

Video download.jpg

b. Additional Resource Downloads: This will also be visible in the interactive section. Simply clicking the link will download the document into your local device.

additional video.jpg

NOTE: For PDF files, the learning management system could provide a preview of the resource in addition to the downloadable link.

c. Discussion: A great place to ask any questions or any clarifications on the video in the lecture. Response will typically be provided within 24-48 hours.


To leave a comment:

● Type in your comment.

● Add any applicable images or files

● Post the comment

: Also within the discussion, you are able to link to any previous comments.


If you want to send a conversation link to reference someone to the exact conversation:

● Click the link button.

● The conversation should open into its own browser.

● Copy the URL for that particular comment.

i hope you enjoyed the tour.
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