Beta Program Process:

Detailed instructions:

  1. A new beta opportunity will be posted on the Beta Program Facebook group
    • Details of the beta will be provided, any necessary enrollment links, and a deadline to complete the review
  2. Beta Program participants review the details and LOVE the post if they feel they can complete the review by the deadline
    • If you can't commit to the particular beta, please use the SAD emote to show you saw the request
  3. During the beta, participants leave thoughts and suggestions as COMMENTS on the original post
    • If you like a suggestion, please click LIKE on that comment (this will show popularity of the idea to help us prioritize the changes)
    • As well, feel free to reply to other's comments with any of your own thoughts (please be respectful, everyone is trying to help)
  4. After the beta deadline has been reached, we will be readying the product for launch and ask all beta participants to fill out a quick survey
    • We will ask for feedback on the final product, as well as feedback on how we can improve the Beta Program
  5. Once the product has been launched, we ask you to leave an honest review
    • This will help provide insight to potential students about the quality of the product

NOTE - Beta participants that are not engaged in reviewing beta opportunities and those that commit to reviewing the products but consistently don't finish, may be removed from the program at the discretion of The BA Guide team.