introducing the Business Analysis Process


And to teach you the Business Analysis Process, we are creating a series of courses dubbed the

Business Analysis Process Series


course #1:

Identify and Define the Problem 

Determine a business pain point, find its root cause, and sell the value of fixing it

course #2:

conduct a strategy analysis 

Take your problem, define the vision of the future, and formulate a strategy to bridge that gap. 

course #3:

Plan the project 

Set your project up for success with thirteen project planning techniques and tools.

course #4:

understand and elicit requirements 

Uncover and document the full needs of the organization to make sure they are accounted for in the solution


course #5:

analyze, Model, and organize requirements

Take the communicated requirements, create models to aid in understanding, and fill in any gaps


course #6:

manage, prioritize, and validate requirements


course #7:

transition to the solution

Determine the necessary steps and assist in the implementation and transition to the new solution


course #8:

solution evaluation

Conduct a post-project review to validate the solution meets the business needs, document any further needs, and understand any lessons learned from the project