Celebrate with us!

Back in mid-August I announced some drastic changes coming to The BA Guide (you can see the full announcement here).

In short, ever since starting The BA Guide, I have always had to balance the needs of my students with the time commitment to the organizations I was consulting for. Because of this time constraint there was a limited amount of content I was able to publish and a small amount of creative ideas I was able to explore.


The great news is, with my latest consulting contract ending, that time constraint has been removed. I am dedicating myself full-time to The BA Guide! What this means for you is The BA Guide will be consistently producing more and even higher quality content.

To highlight this momentous occasion, we are completely slashing prices for this week. Come join the celebration and enhance your knowledge at insane deals!

This limited time offer expires at midnight on Friday, Oct 6, 2017. I look forward to seeing you inside the classroom!